Share Night – Meaning @ Tallinn University, 13th meet-up 1800+ Friday 6 October 2023

Thirteenth Share Night meet-up, 1800-onwards, Friday 6 October 2023

Invitation to share stories, especially around the theme of ‘Meaning’.

Dear colleague, dear friend,

In August 2022, we started a series of  events called ‘Share Nights’ – ‘drop-in’ monthly meet-ups that usually take place every first Friday of the month to share food, drinks, music but most of all the real ‘you’ in Tallinn.

You are very warmly welcome to join our thirteenth ‘Meaning’ themed Share Night meet-up at Tallinn University from 1800 on Friday 6 October, 2023, at Mare building (Uus-Sadama 5) Third floor (floor3) ELU (life) area.

Come along to socialise, bring food, drink and any stories you would like to share. We would particularly welcome thoughts and experiences around the theme of  “Meaning’’.

‘Share Nights’ are informal gatherings @ Tallinn University, for sharing food, drinks (see the Google sheet with a list of things people will bring, so we don’t have too many of one kind of thing or have too much waste after, we don’t receive any funding for ShareNights, so the event is what the people who attend make of it and their own generosity and willingness to share). Also, feel free to add your music to our YouTube playlist, which will play in the background. Finally, please make sure to bring the real ‘you’, preferably a curious mindset and some courage to share successes, failures, experiences, disappointments, good energy and ideas in a safe environment around the topic of ‘Meaning’.

Read more about Share Nights and the thinking behind it.

If you are coming, please register via so we can keep an eye on numbers.

This Share Night is hosted by Henni-Maria Johanson.

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